domingo, noviembre 12, 2006


Terra is a jewellery serie where the observator is able to feel the connection within earth and life .

“I can’t hide my complicity with Earth, it comes directly from my entrails,
I go deeply into my roots, where I come from and where I belong to.
A certain kind of work to figure out what I am and where I am.”

Through different materials, in addition of natural elements, I shape my feelings and, from my counscient and uncounscient , describe what I can not explain by words.
The fact of looking my deepest emotions, and the fact of questioning myself which is the meaning of jewellery.

Mind and Heart are talking through my hands.

Wearing a piece of Terra, is not just a fashion fact, means, to understand the relationship between human and its natural environment, following the Circle of life.

2 comentarios:

perladeriu dijo...

Gracies Estela. Necesitem aquestes dosis de qualitat.

Marta Miguel dijo...

Felicidades Estela
Supe de tu exposicion por Ruudt.

Por fin puedo visualizar tu obra,me han hablado mucho de ti,Rosa Gemma Guigui.

La verdad que hay formas en la naturaleza iguales que tus entrañas.No será que seras una hacedora de seres de esta tierra,materia viva o inerte que moldeas segun tu estado mas inconsciente del alma?
Veo mucho de biologa y geologa.